Help maintain calmness, wellbeing and concentration in your horse.

Keep Kalm represents the next generation of calmer supplements.

Its V.I.P.® formula of natural casein and chelated magnesium supports concentration and wellbeing. Results visible from 5 days and is the only Casein based calmer available through mainstream retailers.

The lifestyle of modern horses can predispose them to stress. Keep Kalm is ideal to be fed on a regular basis to horses or ponies that display symptoms such as nervousness, excitability, apprehension and irritability to help maintain calmness, wellbeing and concentration.


Benefits of Keep Kalm:

  •  UNIQUE BLEND OF CASEIN – Natural milk protein that promotes relaxation to aid calmness. It may also aid learning when fed in conjunction with appropriate training.
  • CHELATED MAGNESIUM – Supports calmness and nervous system function.
  • FAST ACTING – Results visible from 5 days.


Casein is a natural milk protein that promotes relaxation to aid calmness in young milk-fed animals, such as foals. It has beneficial effects on both adult and young horses undergoing stressful situations. Magnesium is an essential nutrient with many roles including regulation of the nervous system. Low magnesium levels may be caused by a lack in grazing or be due to a horse’s metabolism. Keep Kalm is highly bioavailable for fast absorption and rapid effect.


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