Congratulations on Winning the Maxi Cob Championship at HOYS

6 yr old ID Maxi Cob/Sport Horse Jovian had his first proper HOYS experience and WON the Maxi Cob championship! Lynn was absolutely thrilled, especially with the ribbons with a special thanks to Mr and Mrs Leeman!


Jovian did attend HOYS last year but it was all too much for him and he did not complete the class. Therefore, for him to win was a great result and he also came 8th in the ladies class.

 Stable mate Cappa Sham made a trip into the international ring in the CHAPS championship and he was 2nd.

 It was a great show for Lynn and her team. Now the boys are due to have a bit of a holiday and enjoy the Autumn which is more than Lynn can wish for as its all still busy busy for her at the yard.

 We wish her, her team, her dogs and horses all well!


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