Laminitis is an extremely painful, debilitating condition that can be fatal. Traditionally it was accepted that laminitis was inevitable in certain types of pony over the spring and summer months, however this view is now outdated and the disease is in fact preventable.

Horses showing signs of laminitis must be treated as an emergency, as chances of recovery are maximised if treatment is started early. Prevention is therefore the best option, so how do you know if your horse is at high risk of this disease?

The guide below covers the following key areas:

  • Understanding what laminitis is

  • Five warning signs to spot laminitis

  • Five things you must do if you suspect laminitis

  • How laminitis can be prevented

  • The importance of hoof hygeine

  • Supplement support for laminitic horses

Preventing Laminitis & Maintain Hoof Health Guide


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