Successful shoot with Carl Hester and his team

We had a great day with brand ambassador, Carl Hester and his team on the Horse&Rider Magazine shoot this week.

We caught up with Carl’s international travelling groom Alan C Davies on how to groom like a professional and stood in awe as we watched him make perfect quarter marks look easy…with a little help from his Nettex products of course!

Alan absolutely adores his miniature shetland, Oakelbrook Seabreeze (Bubbles) who has been out and about winning shows AND hearts. Bubbles completely stole the show at the shoot, enjoying the attention and the pampering! She also caught up with firm friend, Valegro.

Our other supermodel, Uthopia was fabulous as always, posing with glimmering shiny coat and glossy mane and tail. Horse & Rider got plenty of exciting footage so WATCH THIS SPACE!




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