Gut Balancer & Air Power

GUT BALANCER 125-gut_balancer_1.5kg-min

Calm. Relaxed. Settled. Happy. Healthy

Nettex Gut Balancer is a highly effective prebiotic and probiotic, natural yeast formulation that balances and enhances digestibility. Nettex Gut Balancer is also blended with an appropriate vitamin & mineral package, whey protein, rice bran oil & selected micro-nutrients to offer overall health & wellbeing. Suitable for horses and ponies of any age, type or breed, Nettex Gut Balancer will help keep the gut healthy and functioning at its best all year round. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is the key to preventing digestive problems.

Nettex Gut Balancer helps to:

  • Maintain a healthy stomach with normal acid levels
  • Maintain and enhance condition
  • Maintain good digestive health
  • Balance and enhance digestibility
  • Calm irritable horses, often showing improvement within 3 to 5 days
  • Maintain weight and effective vitamin, mineral and nutrient absorption
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat condition

Loading rate: Horses up to 500kg: Feed 25gm twice a day for 3 days, Ponies: feed 20gm a day for 3 days.

Maintenance level: Horses 25gm a day, Ponies 15gm a day. Horses over 500kg feed 30-35gm a day for 3 days them 30-35gm a day thereafter. Can also be fed 5 days pre and post competition.

Sizes available: 750g, 1.5kg, 3kg

There are many times in a horse’s life when things are stressful and the horse finds it hard to cope. Digestive health is essential during stressful situations. Fed on a regular basis Nettex Gut Balancer will help maintain digestive health, promote healthy skin and coat condition, maintain weight with effective vitamin, mineral and nutrient absorption and support healthy hind gut function. Acid levels can increase during stressful situations especially during competition, travelling or the everyday anxieties that occur. Nettex Gut Balancer will help to calm irritable horses and is ideal to be fed after periods of illness or medication to restore the overall balance of your horse’s health.

Nettex Gut Balancer contains Diamond V XPC a unique prebiotic which is a blend of multifunctional metabolite compounds that has been shown to have a positive effect on nutrient digestibility*. It will help to maintain a healthy digestive system, which in turn can lead to enhanced athletic performance. Regardless of your horses’ workload, age, type, discipline, stress levels or nutritional status, Diamond V can complement and optimise feed digestibility, palatability, fibre digestion and overall health quickly and efficiently helping to keep your horse healthy, happy and in peak condition from the inside out.
*Source: Diamond V Mills trial data
Key Ingredients: Diamond V, Mannan Oligosaccharides, Fructo Oligosaccharides, Brewers Yeast, Saccharomyces Cereviase. Sugar free.
Exclusive Diamond V Distributor in the UK and Ireland.

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AIR POWER RESPIRATORY BOOST 193-air_power_boost_500ml-min

A fast acting cough syrup for horses

Dual purpose formula to help soothe and clear airways. Also ideal to give to competition horses to aid oxygen intake to help improve stamina during strenuous exercise.

  • Helps keep airways clear
  • Perfect for horses that are sensitive to airborne irritants to help maintain a healthy respiratory tract
  • Can be used prior to and during competition to aid oxygen intake to help improve stamina during strenuous  exercise
  • Can be mixed with feed or syringed directly into the horse’s mouth
  • Ideal for use in the summer months especially if horses or ponies are sensitive to dust or pollen

Key Ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus for its natural soothing properties
  • Ginger and aniseed to help ease irritation
  • Peppermint for palatability and menthol for its natural soothing properties

Directions for use:
Up to 15hh: Feed 15ml a day, Over 15hh: feed 20ml per day. For horses in hard work or competition: administer in morning before exercise. Repeat 1 hour prior to competition if required. Can be added to feed or administered orally by syringe.

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