BE 2014 Season Roundup

I have been lucky enough to compete at 19 events this season, 13 of those with all three of the boys. That means I have done approximately 853 plaits, cleaned, prepared and studded up 268 stud holes (although the majority of these were probably done by my super groom Lynn)!

We have had 22 top ten places, of which 5 were first place and 6 were in the top 3, and include an amazing 1,2 at Milton Keynes!!

Because of two of our successful days we have had 2 appearances in Horse and Hound and Eventing.

Smarty was consistent in the dressage and scored on average 30.4 dressage, Winston was close behind him with 30.9 and Foxy 31.4.

Winston has had 13 clear cross country runs, Foxy 12 and Smarty 10, which has led to us gaining a total of 167 Foundation points and 4 BE points, Winnybum gaining 110 of the Foundation Points on his own to finish 8th in the Grassroots amateur Top Horse League and 13th in the National Grassroots League, while the addition of Foxy gaining 36 Foundation Points and Smarty gaining 21 Foundation Points, put Trudy finishing 4th in the Grassroots Rider League.

We have also been nominated for the ERA/Shearwater Insurance “Best use of Social Media” award for the posts on our Twin Oaks Eventing page, keeping all our friends and followers up to date with our eventing escapades and other competitions, including the use of hat cam footage and videos. Please click here to vote for us, if you think we deserve it!

Throughout the year Nettex have supplied us with supplements to keep the boys performing at their best. The Gut Balancer made such a difference to Smartys’ well being that I decided to put them all on it. Electrolytes have been a must this year with the fabulous weather we have had and the fact they come in syringes has been really useful to keep on the lorry for those inevitable long days away from home to keep the boys “topped up”! The Copper, Iron and B Vits supplement has also played its part in giving the boys the “extra” help they have needed when their workload has increased with training and competitions running close together.

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