Outshine the competition with Nettex

When it comes to transforming your horse into an immaculately turned superstar, rather than a mud monster, it’s worth having a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure that you have the edge against the competition on the day.

The Day Before:

This is where your organisational skills will be put to the test. You need to ensure that your horse is bathed and that you have everything packed ready to go for the early morning start. It could be worth creating a check list, so you ensure that you arrive at the show with everything, including the horse!

When it comes to bath-time, a human ‘shower puff’ helps to remove stains with ease, getting into those awkward areas. They also help to avoid wasting any of the product as you can pour your shampoo into the centre of the shower puff and apply directly onto the horse.

If you are planning to give your horse a full bath the day before, make sure he is thoroughly dry before putting him back in the stable or out in the field, as he is bound to roll, you can always pop a rug on.

To help you ‘shine’ at the competition, use Nettex Coat Shine to get a wonderful glossy coat without too much elbow grease, avoiding the saddle and bridle area (you don’t want them slipping off)! When it comes to your horses’ main and tail, use Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler before attempting to comb through the hair, it can be used on wet or dry tails. If your horse has fine hair, do not brush or comb everyday –simply spray the detangler onto the tail and work through the hair with your fingers, this way he will still have some hair left!

Nettex Stain Remover will help to get rid of those extra tough stable stains. Used regularly it can help to prevent the build-up of stains on the coat.

The Night Before:

If your horse is quite dirty in the stable, it might be worth skipping out later on in the evening, so that he doesn’t end up totally covered in new stains by the morning.

In The Morning:

The key to preparing you and your horse for a competition day is to allow plenty of time. Have your tack and grooming kit all clean, packed and ready to go the day before. If possible always have a travel grooming kit that stays on the lorry/trailer, it saves you running round the yard looking for missing brushes or sprays! The Nettex ‘minis’ range is ideal for this as they were designed for this very purpose.

For any stains that may have appeared overnight, give your horse a quick spruce up with a bucket of warm water and Nettex Everyday Conditioning Shampoo, or the Nettex Stain Remover, and a good overall groom, followed by a mist of Nettex Coat Shine and some Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler through the tail. If you are planning to plait your horse’s tail, then using a conditioner and detangler will make things a little slippery, so only use as a finish, once you have plaited.

When it comes to plaiting, practise really does make perfect, so in the build up to your show, try experimenting with different sized plaits and numbers to see which suit your horse best – less plaits generally make a longer neck look slighter shorter and vice versa. To get an extra grip you could use a pre-plaiting product such as Nettex Plaiting Spray, which you spray onto the hair to dampen down loose stray hairs and help get a grip on each plait.

When you arrive at the show, allow time to get your number, see how the rings are running for time and then unload the horses and check for any new stains (which can be sponged off quickly by using Nettex Stain Remover). Give their hooves a brush of Nettex Traditional Hoof Oil, which has a handy built in brush for that last minute touch up. Then ensure your boots and tack are as competition ready as your horse, and give them a quick wipe over with the easy to use Nettex Tack Cleaning Wipes, – then you will be ready to show off!

Good grooming is good horsemanship and shows your dedication and respect to your horse, the judge and your sport—so show your horse off and enjoy.

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