Nettex supports Para Dressage Rider Emma Kent

Nettex are delighted to announce they are supporting Para Dressage Rider Emma Kent.

Emma hails from Northumberland Heath, Kent and keeps her horses at livery at The Arrow Riding Centre in Darenth. Arrow Riding Centre provides RDA lessons for both adults and children and has been running for over 25 years. The centre is mainly run by volunteers, relies heavily on funding and donations and Emma credits her success to the help and support from the yard staff and volunteers who have supported her during her journey.

Emma has Holt-Oram Syndrome which resulted in her arms being very short and abnormally developed. She has no ball and socket joint in her left shoulder and only has 2 fingers and a very short arm. Her right arm is longer but has no thumb and only four fingers. She also has a heart defect and had open heart surgery aged 4 to correct a murmur. She still suffers from bradycardia which results in very low blood pressure making her heart very slow and resulting in sinus node dysfunction.

Due to the nature of her disability she rides with very thin looped reins that pass through loops on a breast plate so they are within reach and she can grab them if she drops them! She rides in the grade 3 category, which is a mixture of medium, working and collected walk, trot and canter. She has to perform walk pirouettes, shoulder in and various transitions throughout the test.

Emma was on the World Class Development Programme for 10 years from 2003 to 2013. During this time she won many National and International titles at Junior, Young rider and Senior level. Her goal is to compete and win medals at European, Worlds and Paralympic level.

Her two horses that she is campaigning for the winter qualifiers are her “long time” partner ‘Gentle II’ or ‘Ginge’ to his friends a 15.3hh KWPN chestnut gelding by Flemmingh.. He is 18 years old and has won numerous national and international titles

She has a new horse called Zandokan II or ‘Laddie’ to his friends, a 16.1hh, 10 year old bright bay gelding by Concorde. He has showjumped to Discovery level and competed very successfully up to Medium level dressage. She will campaign Laddie this Winter at his first season in Paradressage.

Emma trains with Angela Weiss who also trains Sophie Wells who represents Team GB at para Dressage.

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