V.I.P. Hoof Builder provides the building blocks for your horse to maintain healthy, strong hooves.

In this month’s Product Spotlight we take a closer look at Nettex V.I.P.® Hoof Builder

V.I.P.® Hoof Builder provides the building blocks for your horse to maintain healthy, strong hooves. The V.I.P. formula combines high levels of biotin with fundamental micronutrients necessary to support healthy, strong hooves and encourage hoof growth.

Healthy hooves are of utmost importance when it comes to your horse’s well-being. Poor hoof quality can lead to cracked and crumbling hooves. Maintaining healthy hoof growth and hoof quality is essential to maintain soundness.

Feed Hoof Builder to provide V.I.P. care for distressed hooves and support healthy hoof growth. Results will be visible within 3 months, although it can take up to 9 months for a full new healthy hoof to grow. V.I.P.® Hoof Builder is conveniently packaged in a 2kg tub which will last an average sized horse over two months, making this a cost effective way to ensure horses maintain peak health.

Did you know….?

As we’re taking a closer look at mud related skin conditions this month in our Expert Advice we thought it would be beneficial to highlight how V.I.P.® Hoof Builder can also help support compromised skin conditions bought on from excessive wet weather.

V.I.P.® Hoof Builder contains

  • Biotin which not only supports healthy hoof growth but can also be beneficial in promoting healthy skin, coat and hair growth
  • Linseed which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, helping to maintain skin and hoof condition
  • Brewers yeast, a prebiotic to support a stable hind gut but also overall health and wellbeing
  • MSM (a source of bioavailable sulphur) is necessary for collagen production so may help support dry, cracked skin and help to keep flexible and maintain thickness of hair when fed on a regular basis and may help speed recovery


V.I.P.®                          Hoof Builder                          2kg

RRP £44.73                 67 days supply                      £0.66 per day                         

Vet approved, full micronutrient package with 50mg Biotin per Feed


For stockist information, visit www.nettexequine.com, call Serena Kidd on 07557037654 or email serena.kidd@net-tex.co.uk

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