Help to Maximise Mobility and Comfort Naturally from Nettex

Nettex Substi-Bute is a ground breaking unique and innovative natural supplement that does not contain Devil’s Claw or any other prohibitive substances.  The two products in the Nettex Substi-Bute Range are the Maintenance Powder and Impact Syringe, both containing herbal extracts, plus vitamins C & E which are vital anti-oxidants.

Nettex Substi-Bute Maintenance Powder is ideal to be fed on a daily basis to all horses and ponies, including the older members of the team to help maintain their comfort and quality of life. This product helps to support mobility and flexibility helping support ongoing muscular and joint stiffness.

Nettex Substi-Bute Impact Syringe is also ideal for all horses and ponies, especially when fast results are required, especially handy to have in the lorry for use at competitions especially during this time of exceptionally hard ground, as it can be given before and after strenuous exercise to help support optimum recovery.

Nettex Substi-Bute Impact Syringe RRP £13.07 per 30g syringe

Nettex Substi-Bute Maintenance Powder RRP £59.99 per 300g


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