Summer Hoof Care with Dr Becky Lees

As the weather improves and the ground dries out horses’ hooves can face a tough time, especially when summer riding activities increase.

Both ridden work and turnout on hard, dry unforgiving ground can test even the healthiest of hooves and cause weaker hooves to crack and crumble.

Horses have been bred for speed & performance, this means that poor hoof quality is a common problem.

Hoof supplements – how to choose?

Biotin plays an essential part in healthy hoof growth and is needed for consistent improvement, however a good supplement must be formulated with other key compounds to maintain and promote healthy hooves.

Feeding biotin at 15mg per day using Nettex Biotin Everyday will help maintain healthy hooves, however feeding higher levels of 50mg per day using Nettex Biotin Plus will help improve and maintain hooves that are prone to problems.

Look for a supplement also containing:

– Biotin

– Methionine

– Zinc

– Manganese

– Lysine & cysteine

– Vitamin A & Vitamin D3


– Methionine

– Linseed

– Brewer’s Yeast

Hoof dressings – why?

The key to maintaining healthy hooves is using a hoof dressing in conjunction with a supplement. All Nettex Hoof dressings contain conditioning agents that will not dry out hooves.

Nettex Summer Hoof Moisturiser is ideal to promote supple and strong hooves over the summer months. A high quality, breathable cream that contains an advanced blend of moisturising agents including biotin, lanolin & keratin. Used regularly it will help to minimise cracks and splits.

Summary, for healthy, happy feet:

– The right supplement

– The right hoof dressing

– Regular trimming / shoeing

– Picking out feet twice daily

– Good hoof hygiene

– Treat problems ASAP

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