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Nettex Bit Wipes are natural flavoured wipes that offer an easy and hygienic way to clean the horse’s bit after use.

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  • Apple — Code FG03092 — RRP £11.71

Nettex Bit Wipes are available in apple flavour. They quickly remove the build-up of dirt and debris from the bit rings and mouthpieces.

  • Saves the need to rinse bit under water, preventing leather getting wet.
  • Ideal when introducing the bit to a young horse for the first time and to help relax bit shy horses.
  • Encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit.
  • Ideal for show days when in between classes.
  • Ideal to clean the bit if horses are sharing.

Made in the UK.


After removing the bridle from the horse simply rub the wipe all over the mouthpiece of the bit to remove any dirt, grime and saliva.

The wipes can also be applied around the outside of the lips of the horse once bridled to encourage them to lick and relax which will aid acceptance and salivation of the bit.

In the cold weather, warm the bit between the hands before using the wipes so the bit is not cold when entering the horse’s mouth.


Before introducing the bit to a new, young or reluctant horse, simply rub the mouthpiece of the bit all over with the flavoured wipe.

Key ingredients: Apple flavouring – Made from only food grade materials.

I was given both the apple and the peppermint, both of which smelt lovely! Initially I was sceptical about having a wipe for the horses bit, after all, is it not easier to simply rinse under the tap after use? Well, quite frankly, no it is not! The wipes come in a very easy to use tub which separates each wipe, just like a tub of baby wipes do, making them simple, easy, economical and convenient. Why not use the tap as mentioned? Well, how often does the leather work end up wet? How often do you have water available (shows etc), In the winter when the water is freezing? Yes, I did question the sense in the wipes, but having used them, I can honestly say they are a fabulous invention! The flavours can encourage a fussy horse take the bit, increase salivation, and tempt a young horse take the bit the first time. Rocky being a young horse means it is important he has clean tack and is not rubbed by grubby bits, so the wipes mean that as soon as his work is done, the bit is quickly wiped clean and ready for the next use. After using the wipes for a few days, something I noticed was that on approach to his mouth with the bit, Rocky was actually opening his mouth in search of it, whereas previously I had been using the finger in the corner of the mouth option to get him to open. Well with the wipes the only thing to have been changed, I firmly believe Rocky is very happy with them! The wipes are so simple to use keeping your horses bit hygienic and fresh. Great job Nettex, excellent idea 😀



I trialed the Bit Wipes which I found very handy as you don’t need water to clean if your not near a tap so they are great for on the go. I also trialed Bit Wipes for a 4 year old welsh Section A stallion, Gruffydd, although I didn’t find they helped with mouthing or making the bit more appealing I did find them handy to have on the lorry for last minute touch ups inbetween classes and I would buy them again.



These bit wipes are amazing! With in seconds the once filthy grass filled but is clean! As my pony tends to slobber quite a lot it is amazing! He especially likes when he gets to put the bit on as the smell is amazing and I bet the taste is even better! 😊 So happy with this product



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