V.I.P.® Hoof Builder

More than just your everyday hoof care supplement; its advanced formula provides the building blocks for your horse to maintain healthy, strong hooves. Quality hoof care starts from within.

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  • 2kg — Code FG07815 — RRP £46.99


This V.I.P.® formula is Vet Approved and combines high levels of biotin with fundamental micronutrients necessary to support healthy, strong hooves and encourage hoof growth.

Benefits of Hoof Builder:

  • BIOTIN – Delivers 50mg Biotin per feed. Biotin fed at higher rates has been shown to improve the growth rate of hooves.
  • MSM – Source of bioavailable sulphur, essential for hoof strength.
  • METHIONINE, LYSINE AND CYSTEINE – Supports sturdiness and resiliency of the hoof.
  • CALCIUM, ZINC AND MANGANESE – Important trace elements for hoof integrity.
  • BREWER’S YEAST – Prebiotic to support a stable gut and optimal nutrient absorption.
  • LINSEED MEAL – Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain hoof, skin and coat condition.
  • VITAMINS – Comprehensive package to support hoof and overall health.
  • VET APPROVED – Formulated by veterinary professionals.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR – Highly palatable formula.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS – Can be seen in around 3 months although allow 9 months for the hoof to fully grow back.

Healthy hooves are of up most importance when it comes to your horse’s well-being. Poor hoof quality can lead to cracked and crumbling hooves.

Made in the UK.


Horses up to 500kg: Feed 30g per day

Horses over 500kg: Feed 40g per day

Ponies up to 300kg: Feed 20g per day

Key ingredients: Biotin, MSM, Methionine, Lysine, Cysteine, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Brewer’s Yeast, Linseed meal,  Vitamins A, B6, D3 & E, Choline chloride.

No added sugar.

Recently Casius suffered from an abscess in his foot and had to undergo minor surgery to remove it, the vet said he expects the missing section of his foot to grow back in two thirds of the time it would usually take thanks to NETTEX V.I.P. Hoof Builder! Casius is bare foot as he has been the past two years with no issues. We swear by this product and we would never use anything else. Thank you Nettex for helping my V.I.P.


Michelle, Equine Specialist, Carmarthenshire.

Back in 2018 my 8 year old Thoroughbred Casius was having issues with weak hooves and soft soles. As a result he would lose shoes every two weeks, which left him with large chunks of hoof missing. I decided he should go bare foot and initially he was very foot sore and lame. I decided he needed some nutritional support to grow stronger hooves and fed him NETTEX V.I.P. Hoof Builder after seeing it in our local agricultural store. We have been amazed by the results ever since! At first it took 6 months for his hooves to recover; now he has quality hooves that grow so fast he has them trimmed every 4 weeks and his soles are completely solid. Michelle, Equine Specialist, Carmarthenshire.


Michelle and Casius

I have a 14 year old Highland Appaloosa named Archie who suffered problems with weak and brittle hooves that regularly flaked away. Our farrier suggested many different supplements and solutions but nothing was successful and after three years of trying we decided to remove his shoes as a last resort. Shortly after, we were recommended Nettex V.I.P. Hoof Builder after visiting our local agricultural store and we have never looked back since! This product has made such a difference after using only half a tub! We have noticed Archie’s feet are now stronger and no longer suffer with cracking or flaking. He has been barefoot for the last 6 months with no problems. We will definitely buy this product again. Marie, Retail Equine Advisor, Belton.


Marie and Archie from Belton

Aosta Jack Flash 7yrs Warmblood X Jack was not growing enough hoof, the farrier was struggling to re-shoe him as the new nails were very close to the old nail holes. His hooves were dry and brittle often resulting in large cracks. Jack has been on VIP hoof builder for approximately three months and the new growth of hoof is so healthy. His hooves are growing much faster and are healthier and stronger than ever!

Natalie, Barnack

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