Nettex Seaweed is a natural source of trace elements, vitamins and minerals to promote overall health and vitality.

Avaliable in:

  • 2kg — Code FG05513 — RRP £14.59

Nettex Seaweed is made from pure natural seaweed with no additives.  Nettex Seaweed provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support overall health.

  • Helps maintain healthy skin and coat.
  • Helps maintain healthy hoof growth.
  • Feed all year round to help maintain general health and vitality.
  • Seaweed should not be fed to pregnant mares.

Made in the UK.


Horses: Feed 25g per day mixed with feed. Feeding rate may be increased to twice a day if required.
Ponies: Feed 15g per day mixed with feed. Feeding rate may be increased to twice a day if required.
Do not feed to pregnant mares.

Pure seaweed.

Nettex Seaweed is made from pure natural seaweed and contains no additives, which provides the horse with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which in turn help support the horses skin and coat giving the coat a lovely shine, plus encouraging a healthy hoof growth. Seaweed also helps cleanse the blood of toxins, regulates hormones and helps the horse cope with stress while supporting the immune system. The seaweed comes in a re-sealable bag and is approximately 50 days supply for a 15hh horse, and at just £8.95 RRP it is a bargain for the results! after not seeing Rocky for 2 weeks due to being hospitalised, it was great to be able to remove his rugs (he has been living out), and see a nice soft, shiny coat, even though he is mid moult! There has also been a noticeable difference in his hooves, being barefoot his hooves wear down naturally, and the farrier is not normally due for a good 8 weeks, however after a month on the seaweed, he has grown enough hoof to need to reschedule the visit, which would mean he has grown an extra 2 weeks’ worth of hoof! After not being worked for a couple of weeks, Rocky also appeared to more focussed on his work, and relaxed too, he isn’t a “hot” horse but after a break can be a little “fresh”, but there was no sign of this, and I have heard people say that seaweed has helped their horses focus more, so all I can put this new focus down to is the seaweed! My experience of feeding seaweed has been a very positive one, and I would urge you to try it for your horse, especially ones with hoof issues or a lack of focus.



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