Wound Care

Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandage

Flexible multi-purpose use cohesive bandage.

Avaliable in:

  • Fluorescent Orange — Code FG07137 — RRP £2.15
  • Fluorescent Green — Code FG07138 — RRP £2.15
  • Fluorescent Pink — Code FG07139 — RRP £2.15

FULL DESCRIPTION Flexible multi-purpose use cohesive bandage.

  • Easy to apply, self-adhesive, water resistant and lightweight.
  • Combines softness, strength and durability.
  • Non-slip offers support and protection.
  • No compromise in quality.
  • 10cm x 4.5m (stretched).

Made in the UK.


Fluorescent Orange – Code FG07137
Fluorescent Green- Code FG07138
Fluorescent Pink – Code FG07139

Always ensure that a dressing is applied over an open wound and gauze padding applied over this before applying Nettex Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandage.

Wrap the bandage evenly working from the top of the leg vertically downwards and then back up until you come to the end of the bandage. Press the end firmly into place to seal. If not all the bandage is required simply tear the bandage to necessary length required. Change daily. Do not over tighten.

  • Suitable for use on all animals – cattle, sheep pigs, poultry, cats and dogs.
  • Make sure your yard first aid kit is complete, it should contain: Nettex Equine Veterinary Surgical Scrub, Nettex Septi-Clense Wound Gel or Spray, Nettex Sure Wrap Cohesive Bandages, Nettex Veterinary Multi-Purpose Cotton Gauze, Nettex All Purpose Animal Dressing, a thermometer, gloves, scissors, a torch, a towel, a dosing syringe, cotton wool, swabs, soffban, melonin, wire cutters, a head collar and lead rope, emergency contact numbers and your horse’s insurance details.

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