TASTYlyx Mint

Delicious, mouth-watering, natural mint flavoured treat designed to be hung in the stable. Ideal to reward, or alleviate boredom during periods of stabling.

Avaliable in:

  • 600g — Code FG06537 — RRP £3.36

Nettex Tastylyx Mint is a delicious natural mint flavour that your horse will love.

Nettex Tastylyx fit into a standard hanging lick holder and are the ideal treat to help alleviate boredom during periods of stabling to help prevent the onset of stable vices. Nettex Tastylyx provide a new source of feeding and activity which will help stimulate and engage your horse’s mind.

They are simple to remove from their packaging and are available in three delicious natural flavours Mint, Apple and Carrot.

Made in the UK.


Remove lid, turn tub upside down and tap on a firm, even surface so the lick slides out. Remove central insert before hanging from a holder (Tastylyx will fit standard holders). Tastylyx are designed to be hung freely away from a solid surface to avoid over consumption.

Not intended for human consumption.

Recommended daily intake: As a guide, expected daily intake is up to 100g, depending on frequency, period of use and amount of hard feed, forage & grazing available.

Contains only natural colours and flavouring.

  • In hot weather Tastylyx can be put in the freezer before hanging. This will be refreshing for the horse but also slow down consumption.
  • Change between flavours to keep your horse interested.

Rocky has been trialling these brand new Tastylyx from his favourite supporters Nettex, here is what we thought… The first thing to notice about these new licks are that the lick comes in a very easy to open pack, unlike some other types of lick which you need scissors and degree in physics to open!! The packaging on the tastylyx have been really thought about as all you do is take the top off, turn upside down, tap it and voila there is the lick! Genius! On opening the aroma of the Mint lick was intense, so much so it made our mouths water, never mind Rocky’s! They are also available in Carrot and Apple flavour too! Yum! The second bonus is that it fits into the conventional holders of other types of lick too, so you don’t have to purchase a specially made one. Sharon Kilminster is a Hampshire based Sponsored Rider, Freelance Trainer and Coach catering for riders who wish to improve on their own horse or pony, from grassroots to advanced. Tastylyx are ideal to help prevent boredom or simply used as a reward for being good! They are also made from natural ingredients too, another bonus! Overall Rocky is one very happy horse with his new Tastylyx and can’t wait to try the other flavours!


Sharon Kilminster

Harry Loves the Licks. I bought your multipack of "licks" this afternoon. Harry's the favourite (had him the longest) so he got first choice, turns out he loves the mint!!!


Laura Jane

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