V.I.P. Acid Shield™

A complementary feed and advanced formula containing ingredients to help maintain a healthy gastric environment with normal stomach pH levels to maintain stomach wall integrity.

Available in:

  • 2kg — Code — RRP £74.99
  • 1kg — Code — RRP £37.99



V.I.P.® Acid Shield™ is a complementary feed. This advanced formula contains ingredients specifically designed to help maintain a healthy gastric environment with normal stomach pH levels to maintain stomach wall integrity.

Suitable for:
Horses that have a history of, or are prone to gastric issues and fluctuating stomach PH levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains an effective and proven ingredient sustainably sourced from calcareous marine algae
  • Shown to contribute to the maintenance of normal equine gastric pH levels for up to eight hours whilst maintaining stomach wall integrity2
  • Contains Apple Pectin – Horses naturally produce a mucus barrier when they have healthy stomachs. Pectin helps to support stomach health.
  • Provides natural ingredients Slippery Elm and Sea Buckthorn – Supports a healthy gastric environment, leaving your horse feeling comfortable and willing to work
  • Delivers Vitamin E, Zinc, L-Threonine and antioxidents – Helps maintain health, vitality and condition
  • Includes a proven live yeast probiotic – Shown to improve fibre digestion and promote a healthy hind gut microbiome3
  • Alfalfa free – To meet the needs of modern-day horse owners
  • Apple flavouring – For a highly palatable supplement your horse will love
  • Multiple sizes available – 1kg and 2kg tubs that offer a solution for all horse owners
  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee: Terms and conditions apply. See here for details.

Mix once daily with feed using scoop, 1 level scoop equals ~16g.
350kg Pony (72g) ~4.5 scoops*
500kg Horse (104g) ~6.5 scoops*
650kg Horse (128g) ~8 scoops*

*Daily feed rate may be halved for long term maintenance use, once desired effect has been achieved.


Calcareous marine algae, Grass meal, Apple pectin, Sucrose, Sea Buckthorn, Slippery Elm, Lactose, Sodium chloride

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 5%,
Crude fat 1.2%, Crude fibre 6.1%, Crude ash 47%, Sodium 0.4%, Calcium 15%

Additives per kg:Amino acids:
L-Threonine (3c410) 40,000 mg

Trace elements:
Selenium (as Sodium selenite (3b801)) 10 mg
Zinc (as Zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate (3b607)) 1,000 mg

Vitamin E (3a700)9,000mg

Tocopherol- rich extracts from vegetable oils (delta rich (1b306(ii))) 7,000 mg

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3AB Vista, “Vistacell use in Equines”, 2020 – Read more here: Vistacell – Use in equine

I was blown away by this product. It really helped a very tummy area conscious TB into a very relaxed boy. It turned out the Acid Shield was the missing piece to our journey with his rehabilitation. Cannot rave about this product enough.


Amelia Dickinson

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