The Amazing Product That Summer Freedom!

Dear Nettex team,

I just wanted to get in touch and say a massive thank you for the amazing product that is Summer Freedom (was Itch Stop). I have a 2yr old New Forest gelding who developed pretty severe sweet itch this June. Having not bothered about midges at all in previous years, it was a huge shock. He was in such a state of ‘self-harming’, literally scratching huge chunks of skin clean off, bleeding and raw, despite using various topical treatments, that we were seriously considering whether it would be kinder to put him down – safe to say I wasn’t dealing with that prospect terribly well.

I called into my local saddler to grab another bottle of something that wasn’t having much effect at all, and by chance saw Itch Stop. I confess I buckled at the price tag, but was willing to give anything a go. In hindsight, whilst it was expensive to buy, the fact it’s a once a week application makes it quite reasonable really.

What an amazing change! Cashew seemed instantly soothed as I applied the cream (to a huge proportion of him, as he was in such a mess!), and the cycle of self-harming stopped overnight because he was able to get a break from the itching for long enough that he then forgot to scratch. Over the last 4 weeks, he’s gone from strength to strength. Raw patches scabbed over, then healed totally, and now have full regrowth of hair. He has a mane again – albeit only an inch long so far! – and a nearly-normal looking tail instead of a bald, raw dock.

So an enormous thank you from me, and from one seriously itchy little pony who can hopefully now go from strength to strength (and get plastered in Itch Stop straight away at the first sign of an insect next year!). Absolutely miraculous!

Kind regards,

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