An Excellent Product And Recommended Highly To Others

Paddy, Bay Thoroughbred Cross Mare, adged 19 years – light / medium schooling / hacking

Stabled at night (Oct-Apr) Lives out May-Sep


Paddy suffers from stiffness behind and I wanted to try this product to reduce this and help make her joints more supple. I fed it to her every day in her evening feed and just over two weeks saw an improvement. Before I tried Arthri-flex, I gave her a break from the previous product I was using to enable me to see how effective it was. Once I had finished using the Arthri-flex, I reverted back to my usual product and immediately notices increased stiffness. I am currently sourcing where I can purchase it. Instructions were clear on how to use it. An excellent product and recommended highly to others.

Mane & Tail Detangler

I used this to make easy grooming during the winter season. I used it once a week and noticed an immediate improvement.

It is the best product so far that I have tried, her tail can be combed through almost immediately after being sprayed. I will definitely use this product again, instructions were clear and I could not find anything negative when using it, it has a lovely smell/fragrance.

Air Power Respiratory Boost

Paddy suffers from COPD and I tried this product to reduce her coughing and agrivation she get from dust. Initially I used this product every day and when I noticed that her coughing was eradicated almost immediately I continued to feed it every other day in her evening feed with continued no change to this improvement. I had never used a liquid supplement such as this before, only ever tried respiratory licks etc. I have always used good daily stable management such as dust-free bedding (whilst stabled) and always soaked her hay. I will be using this product again and am looking as to where I can purchase it from. All instructions on the packaging were very clear and the well know name makes it more appealing and you eager to try it. The separate cream is perfect before exercise, as it is strong scented she curled her lip when applied. I cannot find anything negative to say about it.

Advanced Fly Repellent

In the past Paddy has had allergic re-actions to fly bites therefore in the Summer season I use fly spray. I apply spray twice a day as she is living out at this time. When using Advanced Fly Repellent I noticed an immediate improvement. Usually I use a home made repellent which is very good but this was just as effective and would recommend to others and use this product again. Instructions for use were clear and would recommend larger bottles as usage is high and the smaller bottles are used very quickly. It has a pleasant smell and is easy to use.

Eye & Nose Wipes

I wanted to try this product to make grooming easier and quicker. I used them every few days. I have always used a sponge and water and had not tried a product for wiping eyes and noses. Each wipe was fairly small and thin which meant that I neede to use two each time. I do recommend using them, they are handy in the grooming box,

Ideal to take to shows etc., are a pleasant fragrance and quick part of grooming.

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