A Great Supplement Giving My Horses Great Elasticity

If you have a fussy feeder I have found that ELECTROLYTE MAINTENANCE LIQUID as a liquid form, with its peppermint smell, is absorbed into the system quicker.

Event horses need to be very healthy in the joints and muscles and here I find that JOINT AND MUSCLE MAINTENANCE POWDER is a great supplement giving my horses great elasticity and keeping their muscles flexible to help improve the horses’ performance.

I have also used SUBSTI-BUTE MAINTENANCE POWDER, on occasions when the horses have taken a knock and need a little help. This product works effectively and is also FEI legal so it is safe to use in the lead up to a competition.

As the season progresses I start to use IRON, COPPER AND B VITS which I find gives my horses an added extra boost when they are running more regularly.

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