Mane And Tail Detangler, I Just Love The Smell

My favorite product is the MANE AND TAIL DETANGLER, I just love the smell, it is so easy to use and lasts for days. To prepare the tail, I wash first with EVERYDAY CONDITIONING SHAMPOO and then spray with the Mane and Tail Detangler. By using this product, I don’t have to brush the horses’ tails daily, which avoids any chance that you might pull the hair out by constant brushing but it does mean I can keep their tails looking smart every day!


With Event horses you have to work them hard through the winter in preparation for the season and then during the season, through the summer, they easily work up a good sweat. With five horses to work and four to compete, the PEPPERMINT NO-RINSE WASH is a god send. It allows you to wash your horses off just the once, saving both time and effort and it is really effective at getting all the dirt, grime and sweat out of their coats in one go. The lovely peppermint smell is an added bonus which I find is also soothing for the horses.

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