Your Product Has Quite Litterally Been Life Changing

Dear Nettex,

I wanted to write this email to let you know the story of my mare and how your product has quite litterally been life changing.

My 10 year old warmblood mare Alice was diagnosed with a rare bladder condition 3 years ago. Unfortunately the treatment for it resulted in incontinence which means she constantly dribbles urine down her hind legs. Despite my regular washing the legs lost both fur and eventually skin and I was left with horrendous open sores. Desperate for a solution – having already tried Vaseline and Pig Oil – I bought a tub of Muddy Marvel. This was in June┬álast year and we haven’t looked back since. Twice weekly I wash her legs, dry them and cover them in the product. As long as I am thorough in my cleaning and application I no longer get any sores, and the cream allowed all those she had to heal. The soft skin between her legs was also getting ulcerated and so I have started applying it there every other day and yet again I have found it to be healing and no further sores appearing.

I wanted to give you this feedback as I understand my circumstances are unusual but there may be others out there who could benefit. I would be happy to be involved in any product endorsements or reviews. Also to help with any research. I was at my whits end before I found your product and was not even sure I was going to get through it but we’re both still here today and she continues to train and compete in dressage.

If you would like to know any more feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

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