Thank You For All Your Fabulous Products!

testimonial-08-13-minI am writing to you all after speaking to your lovely representatives at the royal Welsh Show a couple of weeks ago, to thank you for all your Fabulous Products!  It wasn’t until talking to your reps that I realised I already had a large array of your products in constant use on my horse!

I have owned Pip, my 15.2hh, 5yo Part bred welsh since a yearling and my gosh does she think she’s high maintenance!  She came out of the last winter looking a little poor despite the amount of food I was shoveling into her, her attitude sucked and she’d lost her spark, and she wasn’t a happy bunny!  My instructor couldn’t believe the horse stood in front of her was the same horse eating as much as she was and suggested I try a balancer.  My Local Saddlers, Romsey Saddlery, suggested a complete feed and your ‘Gut Balancer’ and we haven’t looked back!  Within two weeks she had a shine back in her coat and was starting to gain weight and muscle again, she was feeling much better and was much happier again.  Since then we have moved yards and is now on a different feed but she still remains happy and in good spirits, and looks and feels Fabulous!
In the Last year Pip has also developed Sweet itch which we’ve found hard to manage – she would rub on absolutely everything she could – to the point where she would try and rub on fences she was walking past, nothing seemed to work and I was pleased when winter came!  This year I was armed and ready with your Itch Stop Salve, I admit I initially Balked at the price tag but went with it and this far in we are just using up the last of the same pot! Together with the added Brewers Yeast (Vmark) in the gut balancer this year has been a lot better!  She still itches occasionally but no where near as vigorously as she was last year and now only when she first comes in, such an improvement!  To help deter the fly’s we also smother her in your Fly Repellant Advanced and I am shocked at the difference! Before whilst out hacking we would be constantly mobbed by biting insects, but since using the advanced fly spray I have hardly noticed the fly’s at all!

The newest of Pips ailments came out of the blue, she started to get these hard raised bumps that seemed to be multiplying in her saddle area, worrying they were sarcoids I had the vet look at them, Pip has developed a reaction to her own sweat despite religiously being hosed off after exercise!  Again I paid a visit to my Saddlery looking for something extra to wash her off in with out having to give her a bath after every ride!  Once again I came away with one of your fabby products!  I’ve been using the Citronella no rinse since and the lumps have stopped and the smaller ones disappeared, we are just waiting for the others to be treated by the vet!

My aim with Pip all along has been to Event her – with our ultimate aim being the Grass Roots Championship at Badminton!  But work and another of Pips ailments, Locking Stifles, has got in the way!  (You don’t do anything for this do you?) But I took the plunge and entered her for our first ODE in a couple of weeks time!  Once again I popped into the saddlers to see what I was missing from our essentials kit!  With out thinking twice I came home with an armful of Net-tex gear some new to us, and others of our old faithfuls!  We are now stocked up with a course of Electrolyte Maintenance Powder to build her up during our prep.  In the past I’ve had trouble with horses eating electrolytes not favoring the salty taste, but pip has eaten this without hesitation and obviously quite enjoying the minty taste!  With the added bonus of the option to dissolve it in her water at competitions.  I also purchased a syringe paste to help replenish her during and after.  Going back to her irritable skin I also came home with another of your no rinse products, this time the Peppermint no rinse was added to my basket to help her ‘tired muscles and revitalize her’ – I have also been using this after our hard and fast training and absolutely love the smell!
The last of your products I am currently using is the Premium Leather Balm, I had used a couple of pots of another popular leather balm and was shocked how quickly it vanished! It didn’t last long at all and for the price I decided I needed to look else where!  I was pleasantly surprised when talking to your reps at the Royal Welsh to find out that you do Leather Care too!  So unsurprisingly that came home with me too!  I have used it a number of times since and am really pleased with it, its kept my leather supple and is lasting loads longer probably due to being more creamy than watery, am hoping to get some of the tack spray too for that last minute polish before show time!

A Product I am waiting to buy is your Muddy Marvel because as you may have Guessed by now, we cannot get through a winter without Pip getting some degree of Mud Fever!  I have struggled for years with this nothing I have tried has proven effective so this year its time to break out the big guns, so watch this space!
Thank you all again for your large product range with out your products that actually work I would be tearing my hair out every time Pip threw a new problem at me, now I don’t need to worry about where to look for a solution!  Thank you Again.


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