Using Only The Muddy Marvel, The Effect Has Been Astounding!

I wanted to let you know about my recent experience with your product Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream.

I have had Burt, my ex racehorse for nearly 7 years. When I got him from the rehabilitation centre in late January, he had a skin problem, which their vet diagnosed as a deep-seated bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus bacteria.


Although his skin cleared as summer came along and his coat looked super, in the winter the staph came back. It has done so every year, which has led us, (and Bell Equine) to diagnose that he suffers from lack of UV, which triggers the staph in winter. Various medications have been applied, or added to his diet, from standard medication to herbal treatment, which has had some small effect.

Last October we moved yards and Burt met one of your staff, Serena Kidd. She was interested to hear about his problem and what he was being treated with.

At the time Burt’s staph was quite bad (as it often is at the beginning of autumn) and we were using Sudocreme to treat him, which has been the most effective if not brilliant. Serena suggested using Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream as it was more gentle on the skin and would allow the skin to breathe more.

I cleaned his affected areas with Hibiscrub and started from scratch using only the Muddy Marvel. The effect has been astounding. Burt’s skin has gone from being scabby and weepy and raw in places, to being smooth with the hair growing back which is healing faster than I’ve experienced in 6 winters.

The ointment is much lighter to use and quickly warms on his skin so I can work it into the affected areas with less discomfort to Burt. This makes for a much happier horse and a very happy me!

Normally I don’t compete from late September until at least March as, bless him, he looks far too moth-eaten for me to take him out, but this year, although he still has a few bald patches he will look good enough by the end of this month to compete.

I know that what works for one horse, may not be as successful for another, but I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a horse with a skin problem to give Muddy Marvel a try. I’ve already bought a couple more large pots to keep me in good supply!

Very best regards from a very contented horse and a very happy owner.

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