In this month’s Product Spotlight we take a closer look at NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Complete (previously Itch Stop). It is important for horse and pony owners to start their summer skin management practices in early spring, as early action is the best way to minimise the risks of these affecting your horse.

NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Complete is a unique formulation used around the world which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies. This unique formulation also contains margosa (neem) and eucalyptus and has wonderfully soothing properties.

You can help protect your horse against biting insects and midges in early spring before they become a problem and help to avert the itch/scratch cycle that can become a misery for many horses and ponies, and their owners.

Even if midges have managed to reach your horse, applying, NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Complete can help break the itch/scratch cycle. The soothing properties of NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Complete can help ease itching and irritation as well encouraging hair regrowth, helping to keep your horse happy and looking his best!


‘I tried everything, and nothing worked that is until we found Nettex Summer Freedom. Our horse’s skin looked soothed and you could see that the hair had started to grow back in under a week! This really is the best stuff out there!’ Naomi Perkis and Misti.


Application may only be required once a week in most cases, making it very cost effective. The weather resistant formula is simple to apply and will not matt the hair. One 600ml tub may last up to 6 – 8 weeks for one horse, with standard application.

Top Tips for Midge Control:

  • Start as early as February before the midges appear.
  • Apply NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Completeto all exposed and sensitive areas of your horse or pony, such as the sheath or teats, belly, neck and face (taking care to avoid the eyes) and top of the tail.
  • Before applying NETTEX Summer Freedom Salve Completebe prepared by
    1. Doing a 48 hour patch test.
    2. Washing your horse or pony with NETTEX Everyday Conditioning Shampooto eliminate any build-up of dirt and bacteria and allow his or her coat to dry completely before application.
  • Repeat every 7 days for best results.
  • It is recommended not to use under fly face masks as this may cause irritation.
  • Where possible choose turnout areas without natural watercourses or damp, boggy ground as midges find these the perfect breeding grounds.
  • Paddocks that are high up and/or exposed are also less affected by midge populations as they cannot fly in a breeze above 7mph.
  • Midges are at their most active just before dawn and at sunset. If possible keep your horse or pony stabled at these times.
  • Protect your horse in the stable and at turnout with a close weave fly rug with a full neck and belly cover. Consider using a full face mask to protect those sensitive ear, eye and nose areas.
  • When stabled consider covering the stable door opening and ceiling with a fine weave mesh to prevent midges form getting inside. A ceiling fan to cause a down draft can also help minimise midge activity in the stable.

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