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Serena Kidd has a passion for everything equine. BHSPI qualified with a background of running her own livery and training yard for 20 years before joining the Equestrian retail industry for 12 years and then joining the Nettex team as Equestrian Business Manager in 2011. Serena has a 5 year Old Welsh Section D that she enjoys competing in Dressage and Showing.


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NETTEX Hoof Care Q&AMarch 8th 2019

Good hoof care is fundamental for keeping a horse sound and avoiding common problems that can cause discomfort and lameness.

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Understanding horses’ joints and when to feed a Joint SupplementApril 1st 2018

Understanding horses’ joints and when to feed a Joint Supplement

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BEAT THE MUD! The NETTEX Guide to Mud FeverJanuary 31st 2018

We have put together a guide to help you understand what mud fever is, how you can treat it and crucially how it can be prevented.

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Knowing why and when to feed electrolytes is crucial to help your horse to stay in tip top condition and enjoy the summer months.

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Combat winter coughsJanuary 31st 2017

As winter drags on and our horses are stabled for longer periods coughs can become part of daily life. We reveal the common causes and how you can protect your horse.

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Take the stress out of Bonfire NightNovember 1st 2016

Many people enjoy bonfire night, but for us horse owners it can be an extremely stressful time of the year. Dr Becky Lees explains how feeding calmers can help.

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Summer Survival GuideJuly 27th 2016

Follow our Top Tips to keep your horse cool & in peak condition. Rehydrate! Even horses in light work need an electrolyte supplement during hot weather. A lack of energy & poor performance are...

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Pony Club Camp EssentialsJune 28th 2016

From Serena Kidd - National Equine Business Manager.

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Why & When to feed Electrolytes?April 15th 2016

Spring has sprung and the competition season has started. Although many of us are looking forward to

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It’s time to start thinking about summer skin allergies!February 29th 2016

The days are lengthening and spring is almost here, so now is the perfect time to start thinking abo

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Keep Calm and Feed a Calmer this bonfire night!September 30th 2015

Many people enjoy bonfire night, but for us horse owners it can be an extremely stressful time of th

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Understanding horses’ joints and when to feed a Joint SupplementSeptember 2nd 2015

Joints are highly complex structures. The bone surfaces of a joint are covered in articular cartilag

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Understanding ElectrolytesSeptember 2nd 2015

When horses exercise their muscles generate huge amounts of heat. To prevent damage to the body this

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The Benefits of Feeding Pre and Probiotics in AutumnAugust 26th 2015

Probiotics boost the numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria within the horse’s gut and prebiotics provide an

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Summer Skin CareJuly 27th 2015

Great skin and coat condition comes from within. It is easy to forget that the skin, like other org

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