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Serena Kidd has a passion for everything equine. BHSPI qualified with a background of running her own livery and training yard for 20 years before joining the Equestrian retail industry for 12 years and then joining the Nettex team as Equestrian Business Manager in 2011. Serena has a 5 year Old Welsh Section D that she enjoys competing in Dressage and Showing.

Ulsa Shield - Ideal for supporting wellbeing, condition and performance.May 3rd 2017

Ulsa Shield is an advanced, vet approved, sugar free formula containing a unique blend of ingredients to maintain gastric health, soothe the stomach walls and support normal acid levels.

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Any horse can suffer from gastric ulcers, from racehorses to pleasure horses and ponies. Learn more on about the key features, treatments and prevention.

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Knowing why and when to feed electrolytes is crucial to help your horse to stay in tip top condition and enjoy the spring and summer.

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Help maintain calmness, wellbeing and concentration in your horse.April 6th 2017

Complete stress relief with V.I.P.® Keep Kalm our innovative casein and chelated magnesium calmer.

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Watch for the warning signs to spot laminitis!April 6th 2017

The key to preventing laminitis is to spot horses and ponies likely to be at risk and then make management changes to manage these risks

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Combat winter coughsJanuary 31st 2017

As winter drags on and our horses are stabled for longer periods coughs can become part of daily life. We reveal the common causes and how you can protect your horse.

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Beat the mud! Guide to mud feverDecember 31st 2016

Nettex’s experienced equine vet Dr Becky Lees has put together a guide to help you understand what mud fever is, how we can treat it and crucially how it can be prevented.

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Winter Survival GuideDecember 1st 2016

Now that winter is well upon us with short days and cold wet weather many horse owners and horses are feeling the winter blues.

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Take the stress out of Bonfire NightNovember 1st 2016

Many people enjoy bonfire night, but for us horse owners it can be an extremely stressful time of the year. Dr Becky Lees explains how feeding calmers can help.

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Prevent Colic Striking this Autumn!September 30th 2016

The word ‘colic’ strikes fear into the hearts and minds of all horse owners. 10% of horses will suffer an episode of colic in their lives and it remains one of the biggest causes of death in horses.

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Gut Balancer & Air PowerSeptember 30th 2016

Nettex Gut Balancer will help maintain digestive health for your horse. Nettex Air Power Respiratory Boost is a fast acting cough syrup for horses.

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Avoid Clipping Calamities!August 30th 2016

Be clipping perfect with expert tips from our Brand Ambassador and top show producer Lynn Russell and Nettex National Equine Business Manager Serena Kidd...

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Summer Survival GuideJuly 27th 2016

Follow our Top Tips to keep your horse cool & in peak condition. Rehydrate! Even horses in light work need an electrolyte supplement during hot weather. A lack of energy & poor performance are...

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Pony Club Camp EssentialsJune 28th 2016

From Serena Kidd - National Equine Business Manager With Summer Holidays soon to be upon us brings w

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Healthy Competition HorseMay 25th 2016

Follow our top tips to keep your horse healthy & winning rosettes! Maintain Healthy JointsFeedin

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Why & When to feed Electrolytes?April 15th 2016

Spring has sprung and the competition season has started. Although many of us are looking forward to

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Lynn Russell’s Top Tips for Show PreparationMarch 23rd 2016

Lynn Russell tells us about her favourite Nettex products for getting her horses shiny for showing.

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It’s time to start thinking about summer skin allergies!February 29th 2016

The days are lengthening and spring is almost here, so now is the perfect time to start thinking abo

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Caring for the older horseJanuary 25th 2016

The life span of our horses is increasing, with approximately 29% of the UK horse population being o

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Make your New Year’s Resolution to Beat the Mud!December 4th 2015

The winter weather is with us, our horses’ coats have changed from sleek to furry and our paddocks f

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Beating Boredom with Dr Becky LeesNovember 30th 2015

Short daylight hours and plummeting temperatures mean that many horse owners are now feeling the win

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Keep Calm and Feed a Calmer this bonfire night!September 30th 2015

Many people enjoy bonfire night, but for us horse owners it can be an extremely stressful time of th

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Understanding horses’ joints and when to feed a Joint SupplementSeptember 2nd 2015

Joints are highly complex structures. The bone surfaces of a joint are covered in articular cartilag

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Understanding ElectrolytesSeptember 2nd 2015

When horses exercise their muscles generate huge amounts of heat. To prevent damage to the body this

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Summer Hoof Care with Dr Becky LeesSeptember 2nd 2015

As the weather improves and the ground dries out horses’ hooves can face a tough time, especially wh

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The Benefits of Feeding Pre and Probiotics in AutumnAugust 26th 2015

Probiotics boost the numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria within the horse’s gut and prebiotics provide an

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Summer Skin CareJuly 27th 2015

Great skin and coat condition comes from within. It is easy to forget that the skin, like other org

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