Which lick is best for my horse or pony

Devinia Redfern Nettex Formulation Technician and BHS Accredited Professional Coach

“I’m looking to buy my horse a lick for his field but I’ve seen so many to choose from. What sort of options are out there and how can they benefit my horse?”

It can be confusing knowing which lick is most beneficial for your horse, with products ranging from molasses or glucose based licks to pressed forage blocks.

Grass does not provide all of your horse’s nutritional requirements, so supplementing with a lick that contains essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements helps balance any potential deficiencies in forage. This helps maintain your horse’s health and well-being, in addition to supporting their digestive system through enhanced saliva production from the licking action.

Licks are not only a treat, they are an easy, convenient and cost effective way of ensuring your horse’s diet is balanced, whilst reducing the need for hard feed. With free access to a lick all year round, your horse will consume essential nutrients little and often, promoting the natural trickle feeding pattern.

Photo by @BuckingBronk

It is important to look for a lick that is right for your horse, such as containing a prebiotic and a full complement of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support overall health and performance.  Additional benefits such as added garlic to help discourage flies during summer, easy breathing extracts for supporting the respiratory system, or ingredients to maintain healthy joints can help with choosing.

Next look for a lick that is lower in sugar to better help with weight management and dental health, a lick supplied in a sturdy bucket with a removable handle will ensure your horse’s safety, and withstand the rigours of field or stable use.

Finally look for a lick that is weatherproof – that will not melt and become messy in heat or rain.

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