Hoof Master with Violet

Nettex Hoof Master with Violet is a highly effective formulation containing antibacterial agents that helps assist and maintain overall hoof health and hygiene.

Avaliable in:

  • 300ml — Code FG02553 — RRP £12.40

Nettex Hoof Master with Violet is a highly effective formulation that helps assist and maintain the overall health and hygiene of the hooves. Nettex Hoof Master with Violet is a purple spray containing concentrated antibacterial agents that are designed to help maintain a healthy hoof. Maintaining healthy feet means that foot conditions are much less likely to occur. Used on a regular basis, Nettex Hoof Master with Violet will help maintain healthy feet even in challenging conditions. This useful spray is ideal for keeping in your first aid kit.

  • Violet spray with concentrated antibacterial agents to help sanitise the feet and easily identifies areas of application.
  • Used on a regular basis it helps to maintain healthy feet.
  • Rapid drying formula.
  • Can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions and scratches.

Made in the UK.


Clean and dry area with Nettex Veterinary Surgical Scrub before application. Shake well before use, hold the hoof up for a few minutes to allow it to sink in. Repeat as necessary. For application to minor cuts and grazes, hold can approx. 8 inches away and spray evenly until area is covered. Repeat as necessary.

Key ingredients: Powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agents.

  • After healing has occurred, use Nettex Hoof Tar to help seal and protect the sole.

Hello Sune Unfortunately we don't think there is much you can do about this. Bleach may assist – but would also strip the leather colour and could degrade the leather itself. Perhaps one of the stain removers based on peroxy that are used in ones washing machine may help as they are not as aggressive as standard hypochlorite types. Thanks Nettex

Andy Tattersall

How Can I get this product of my carseat? Its cotton On leather😥 Best regards Sune

Sune Moos-Nielsen

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