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Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream provides waterproof, breathable and antibacterial protection against wet and muddy conditions.

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  • 600ml — Code FG02297 — RRP £18.98

Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream is a breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier that provides antibacterial protection against wet and muddy conditions. This advanced formula will moisturise and maintain elasticity of the skin to prevent drying and cracking and chapping of the skin.

  • A breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier cream.
  • Contains antibacterial agents to help against wet and muddy conditions.
  • Use regularly to protect skin from wet and muddy conditions.
  • Can be applied to any area that needs to be protected.
  • One application lasts 7 days.

Made in the UK.


Ensure legs are clean and dry, massage Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream onto the legs and around fetlocks and pastern and allow to absorb before turning horse or pony out. When a build-up of mud occurs on the legs, simply wipe away with a clean dry cloth and reapply. For optimum results apply twice a week for the first two weeks reducing to once a week thereafter.
Always patch test an area first and wait 48 hours. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.

Key Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly, Silicone, Chlorhexidine, Lanolin, Calendula, Cetaryl Ethythexenode, Tea Tree Oil.

I found that this barrier cream was much more long-lasting than others on the market. One application lasted my horses around 3/5 days, in very boggy & wet conditions. Again it is super easy to apply and does a fantastic job to keep the mud at bay.


Emma Collins

My favourite thing come mud season! I have used this now for so many years on different horses and the results are always the best.I use twice a week in really wet, muddy conditions or once a week when not so bad. Always protects my horses legs and I have never have a problem with mud fever since using this. I always recommend it to everyone year after year. Plus, one pot does go a long way. Try it guys!



I will never again be without this product in my tack room, I absolutely swear by it. I purchased a young horse a few months ago and as he had been turned out for a few months (in the wet Irish weather!) he had quite bad mud fever. I used the Muddy Marvel DeScab and then I used the Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream. I was originally applying twice a week but now I have reduced that to once a week. If I find conditions are very wet I will apply twice a week just to be safe! Since using this the skin has really improved and we haven’t had any issues with the mud fever reoccurring. It’s super easy to apply and doesn’t have the nasty smell that some other products have. It’s a thumbs up from me!


The Connie Chronicles

I wanted to write this email to let you know the story of my mare and how your product has quite litterally been life changing. My 10 year old warmblood mare Alice was diagnosed with a rare bladder condition 3 years ago. Unfortunately the treatment for it resulted in incontinence which means she constantly dribbles urine down her hind legs. Despite my regular washing the legs lost both fur and eventually skin and I was left with horrendous open sores. Desperate for a solution – having already tried Vaseline and Pig Oil – I bought a tub of Muddy Marvel. This was in June last year and we haven’t looked back since. Twice weekly I wash her legs, dry them and cover them in the product. As long as I am thorough in my cleaning and application I no longer get any sores, and the cream allowed all those she had to heal. The soft skin between her legs was also getting ulcerated and so I have started applying it there every other day and yet again I have found it to be healing and no further sores appearing. I wanted to give you this feedback as I understand my circumstances are unusual but there may be others out there who could benefit. I would be happy to be involved in any product endorsements or reviews. Also to help with any research. I was at my whits end before I found your product and was not even sure I was going to get through it but we’re both still here today and she continues to train and compete in dressage.


Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream

My Best Friend During The Wet Winter And Early Spring Months! MUDDY MARVEL BARRIER CREAM is my best friend during the wet winter and early spring months. I have one horse who is prone to mud fever now after getting a bad dose of it in previous years. Last year, I came across this cream which completely protects his legs from the mud. It is easy to apply and there is no need to wash the legs. I have found that while applying to the leg it also helps remove any scabs. In addition I found I was able to use it while eventing and would apply it liberally prior to going to cross country to help protect his legs.



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