Calmer Maintenance Powder

Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder contains highly bioavailable Chelated Magnesium to maintain Magnesium levels giving long-lasting effectiveness.

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  • 1kg — Code FG03858 — RRP £27.70

Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder delivers high levels of Chelated Magnesium. This is readily absorbed through the intestine to maintain magnesium levels, giving long-lasting effectiveness.

Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder encourages wellbeing and concentration and can be fed to horses or ponies to help reduce stress related symptoms such as nervousness, excitability, apprehension and irritability.

Made in the UK.


Ponies up to 14.2hh: Feed 20g per day.

Horses up to 15hh: Feed 25g per day.

Large horses over 15hh: Feed 30g per day.

For faster results feed double the rate for 5 days.

Mix daily with feed. A level (20ml) scoop dispenses approximately 15g.

Key ingredients: Magnesium amino acid chelate.

Dear Nettex, I’m writing to you regarding your ‘Calmer Maintenance Powder’ and I wanted to say how wonderful this product is! I have a 5 year old coloured Connemara X WB SHP and she has been very difficult and very sharp, many calmers haven’t touched her or not helped us. The trouble we’ve had is she needs the edge taking off of her but maintaining the spark she needs to shine in the show ring. After purchasing a 1kg tub (and only being half way through it) the difference is astounding – Dessi and I attended the New Forest Show and she behaved impeccably along with recently winning and taking champion at another local show. Dessi will be attending the CHAPS (coloured horse and pony society) champs at the beginning of September and I will be taking a large supply of calmer with me! I truly can’t recommend this product enough and would be very interested in the future to try many more of your supplements to cater for all our horses. Many Thanks,



Being on box rest can be a stressful time for a horse, so to keep stress levels reduced, the maintenance powder was added to the feed, not to “dope” Maisie, purely to help keep stress at bay. The powder contains 2 types of magnesium to achieve a rapid but long lasting effect, but what I liked about it was didn’t “dope” Maisie, it just took any edge off that may have built up. A superb calmer that really works.



Finley came to us at 2 years old and has kept us on our toes ever since, a beautiful chestnut gelding (who is certain he is a chestnut mare) with mountains of attitude and a whole load of 'sass'! Unfortunately Finley took an early retirement after issues causing intermittent lameness - This is where our true issues started, I can cope with a horse with 'sass' and 'attitude' and everything in between but what I cannot bare is a horse that is NOT HAPPY! Finley retired at the beginning of winter 2018 due to very wet ground conditions, Scottish weather and Finley's tendencies to plough fields it was not a viable option for him or us to have him on 24/7 turn out in the fields so he was stabled at night along with our other horses and through the occasional day when we had storms etc. He would rear up in his stable, paw the ground continuously and throw his head back in frustration which resulted in torn muscles! - He was miserable, which made us miserable. We decided to dedicate an arena to Finley to allow him to be off the wet grass at night but still able to roam and have shelter. He thanked us by digging a 3ft deep hole, through the sand, through the membrane and into the hardcore leaving out arena filled with rocks! Thanks Fin. "he has a track record of killing small animals for sport (sheep, turkeys, chickens, goats .... tried with the dog but only managed to break her jaw and de-glove her back leg)" So after 3 moths of owning the most miserable horse my options where limited - Finley couldn't live like this, it was border line cruel and I was out of ideas to help him. Re - homing Finley would not be an option, he has a track record of killing small animals for sport (sheep, turkeys, chickens, goats .... tried with the dog but only managed to break her jaw and de-glove her back leg) He is also unsuitable to be turned out with other horses so what I have is a lame horse that kills animals for sport and thinks hes a chestnut mare! So as a last resort before having to make some pretty tough decisions I turned to Nettex Calmer - I can not rate this any more highly than I do. This calmer saved my horses life. A week after starting the calmer I began to notice changes in his behaviour, the rearing was the first behaviour difference - completely stopped The only issues we still have are the occasional dig at the ground at dinner time. The look in his eyes is priceless, he is a content horse and it is completely down to the calmer.


Little Glengyre Livery and Equine Services

I've started feeding Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder to my ex racehorse, he can be extremely spooky and nervous when out riding and is quiet a stresser. Since feeding this he is much better to ride out, more relaxed and seems to think before over reacting to nervy situations. I'm really happy with the results and it's affordable!


Gilly Knight - Wynnstay Stores, Newtown

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