eCalm is a non-magnesium based, natural calmer with a prebiotic like functionality. Developed by veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven results.*

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eCalm is a non-magnesium, natural calmer which has been developed by World-leading veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven, statistically significant results.  Its prebiotic like functionality has been shown to influence the horses natural gut microbiome which in turn supports calmness and well-being as well as supporting gut functionality and the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat.  Trials published in Veterinary Times 2016 & 2018 demonstrate the positive effects of feeding eCalm to horses with poor behaviour.

  • Results published in Veterinary Times, 2016​ and 2018

eCalm was shown to significantly decrease the high behavioural scores of horses in a recent trial. Behaviour including kicking, nervousness, excitability, ears back, tenseness and unwilling to work dramatically decreased within two weeks in horses that were fed eCalm.

Study reference:

Fermented wheat germ extract effect study on horse behaviour

Use once daily in feed.
Amount to be fed daily based on weight of the horse:
350kg 13hh 15gm (1 level scoop)
500kg 15hh 20gm (1.5 level scoops)
750kg 17hh 25gm (2 level scoops)

Fermented Wheatgerm

written out the for sale advert…….at my wits end……and then my vet suggested e- calm. My trainer and I still cannot believe the difference it has made to mr ginger stress head…….we could not push the canter and ask for half pass or a change as teddies and dollies hurled out of his pram with force……thank goodness for this amazing product…I now get off the ginger one smiling😍


Sarah Harrison

Our horse will compete without his usual tension due to your E-calm. I can tell you for a fact although it removes his tension it does not in anyway remove his hype and buzz as I could barely hold him the prize givings. Yet he still did not have a single mark of tension in his tests! He also looks so smart in your numnah. Thank you once again for allowing us to win such a fabulous product which I will most certainly be keeping on my shelf xxx


Patricia Haskins

I bought my Irish Mare Daisy for my daughter and she struggled to settle in her new environment, as a result Daisy became sharp and anxious. I first gained interest in Nettex eCalm when I read the research behind the product. After speaking to a Nettex representative we decided to try it, and wow are we pleased we did! In just a couple of days we saw a huge difference in Daisy’s behaviour and general wellbeing, she seemed much more settled in her stable and calmer when in both the school and on the yard. We did take her off the supplement for 2 weeks but we soon put her back on it as she became sharp again. Thank you Nettex for this amazing supplement that has meant my daughter can finally enjoy her pony.


Marie Sharp, Belton

I honestly love this calmer, I haven’t tried many calmers on my mare but out of the ones I’ve tried this is the only one that has shown a really positive difference in being able to settle her! Around bonfire night we had fireworks for 8 days straight- the first day we had no idea about so she wasn’t on any calmers and was clearly tense and was reluctant to leave her stable door to eat her haylage. Over the next few days I gave her a scoop of Nettex E- Calm in her feed daily and she was significantly more relaxed, acting as normal and eating her haylage as she usually would- even with some of the fireworks being let off less than 50 meters away! I used it later on New Year’s Eve and once again she was perfectly happy and quiet in her stable. I’m super pleased with how effective this calmer is & I’m looking forward to using it through the season to keep Emily as happy as possible at events, without effecting her performance! Thank you Nettex Equine❤️


Rebecca & Emmy

This winter has been extremely challenging for my 10 year old Connemara, Biggs. Throughout the 2 years I’ve owned him, he’s been spooky and it’s something that I’ve learnt to manage. However as the majority of his herd moved to different livery yards he became unsettled which reflected in his sharp behaviour on the ground. The weather then took a turn and the fields became too wet. The decision was made to keep Biggs stabled this winter. He was becoming dangerously spooky with sharp spins at the smallest thing. I contacted Nettex about their ECalm and decided it was worth a try. It suited me as an owner due to it being made from wheatgrass and not being a magnesium based calmer as Biggs doesn’t have an Mg deficiency. After a week on the calmer I saw a difference in his behaviour. He went back to being the Biggs I know and love, easy to lead and a pleasure to ride (without taking away this new found impulsion we had been developing earlier in the month).

Ruth Potter and Biggs

absolutely love using eCalm! helped settle both boys on bonfire night and has been keeping the youngest one nice and chilled whilst on box rest! 100% recommend ❤️



My 8 year old Connemara mare Princess is usually very hormonal a week before she goes into season. During this time she can show signs of tension such as tail swishing and she becomes very opinionated and difficult to manage. In the past, I have tried feeding her liquid magnesium calmers which she was sometimes reluctant to eat in her feed and the desired effect seemed to wear off after using it a few times. After just 2 weeks of using Nettex eCalm, Princess seemed so much more relaxed and focused when she was out hacking and schooling. She has also become more enjoyable to ride and seemed calmer in the company of other horses. I will now be keeping her on eCalm.


Alex and Princess

My 15 year old Arab mare Miyah suffers with stress when stabled, she can sometimes be prone to digestive issues which lead to her passing loose stools. I first heard about eCalm at the equine retail store where I work and what intrigued me about it was that I could have two products in one as eCalm has benefits for both calming and gut health. I have been using eCalm for two months now and I am extremely impressed by the results. After just one month, Miyah seemed much calmer both away from home and in the stable and her poos became far firmer indicating that her digestion had improved.


Charlotte Twitchings and Miyah

eCalm is the only product I’ve used that has been successful in doing what it is meant to do. Prior to using this product my Vet was wanting me to consider the future of my 17.2hh, 4 year old gelding. He had put me in hospital twice, once with a severe bite to my shoulder the other time a bruised spleen due to a kick from his front leg. He was sent to a respected trainer and was returned three days later with the advise to euthanase. eCalm was genuinely the last resort…after one month on eCalm I was able to exercise him on long reins, lead him out to pasture and enter his box to feed and groom, all not possible prior to using this product. I can’t recommend eCalm enough, we all have a reason for saying ‘its a life saver’…in this boy’s case eCalm is!


Andrew Read 4 year old gelding, Kames Farm

7yr Old highland we always new he had potential in whp but couldn’t just get him to settle to the job properly. Been on eCalm since June an progressively got better jumping clear in his last 3 HOYS qualifiers.


Pamela Brown and Sorn of Inverdarroch

After trying every calmer under the sun, I was giving up and beginning to think my horse would just never cope with life! Until I found eCalm, now I have a horse that can cope in a warm up, that happily goes in the ring and can now actually show his potential. Ok so he is 8 and its taken me two years!! I just wish had found this a long time ago but I cannot wait for the rest of his career, in a short space of time he has qualified for finals and second rounds and won most dressage outings, something I never thought possible. Maybe he will now event, now that he seems able to cope with life it might just happen. I don’t know what it is other than a miracle, even hacking out is relaxing. Thank you so much!


Jen Macgregor and Bingo

Beau was very explosive and quite unpredictable. We had tried just about every calmer on the market and none agreed with him or made any difference to his behaviour. There was a noticeable difference within a week of first starting eCalm, Beau is much quieter and happier in himself, we can take him to shows now without worrying about his behaviour or how he will cope with stressful situations. Beau still very much has his sparkle, eCalm just takes the edge off life for him and enables him to cope better.


Beau and Lynne & Louise Bone

I have to say a big thank you for my eCalm prize my lil mare has totally changed since starting this supplement.

Olivia Morrissey and June

My mare, Maddie has always been relatively unpredictable & a sharp ride but two years ago we went through a spate of incidents which left me un-nerved & lacking in confidence. I had two falls in less than a week, both after she has spun round for what appeared to be no reason. Our vet visited & gave her a good going over, checking her eye sight carefully but could find nothing wrong. She recommended a new to market product – E-Calm. I was a little sceptical at first but after 6 weeks, I did notice a change in Maddie. Although she is never going to be an easy ride, she is less spooky & willing to listen, particularly when being lunged, where previously her concentration span was short to say the least! Maddie has been taking e-calm now for over two years & wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone that has a horse or pony that is anxious, unpredictable or generally needs calming.

Amy Parcell and Maddie

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the gentleman at Your Horse Live who introduced us to this product (eCalm). My horse Dibble has now been on it since November and what a huge difference I have seen in him. He is a 21yo TBx ex-eventer who is now taking up a career in showing and dressage, twelve months ago we would be cavorting around the ring in all directions, spinning around on two legs and staying highly strung throughout the day, with the introduction of this calmer he has had fantastic results and calms down so much quicker in exciting situations. We had tried a variety of different calmers for him, some took a little edge off and some of the magnesium based ones did not seem to suit him, but this has made the world of difference and I am really able to enjoy my horse. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a similarly hot headed horse. Many Thanks, Lizzie – A very satisfied customer


Well what can we say but thank you!!!!! We have tried every calmer possible!!!! This is definitely the best, he is so much more docile and a pleasure to be around and ride. We haven’t taken him out on his own yet but that is because of our confidence not because of him. We have had so many bad experiences with him but now we can only look forward. Again thank you and a big thank you from Mr Boy xxxxx OMG E-calm is amazing!!!! I have managed to hack him out in his own without a jump or a spook!!!! We now have the horse of our dreams thanks to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😊 I have already recommended it on Facebook to lots of people and I do hope they try it.

Sam Humphries and Mr Boy

I’m so happy to have found e calm. My 6yo mare Happy Design (milly) is unbelievably sharp spooking at every noise and things that humans can’t even see. She spins fly bucks bolts and rears. Milly has a fantastic jump and has won several yh international classes as a 5yo after nearly killing people including me before entering the arena. I have tried nearly every calmer going some making no difference and some making her worst Since milly has been on e calm I can not believe the difference in her she is more focused on her job she is so much more relaxed about life she hasn’t fly bucked once and her spinning bolting and rearing is now down to only 2%. I now can even hack her something I never dreamed of. E calm hasn’t affected her jump at all or made her feel dead she is still lively but all in the right way. I’m over the moon with this product so much so I have now tried my best 8yo 1.40 horse Fantasy on it as she gets nervous and tense when we enter the arena she always does a poo before we start and can get very sharp and difficult at the technical areas of a course due to this. Since on e calm I’ve noticed no difference in her jump or energy but she now doesn’t poo before we start our rds in the ring and keeps calm and ride-able rd a technical course. This product is amazing and I highly recommend.

Lucinda Turner

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